Know the Method: Hammered Texture

As you may have noticed, not only can you view our pieces by type (for example necklaces or earrings) you can also browse our work by collection, a grouping of pieces that hold a common thread. This thread may be the materials used, the texture created, or the technique utilized when constructing a piece. We strive to offer many options to create a well-rounded collection, hoping to appeal to a variety of aesthetics.

One of our core collections is our Hammered Collection, a texture created with a ball hammer that produces dimples in the metal that provides an amazing pattern. An example of this is our Hammered Horseshoe (N1015), a piece that curves gently creating its horseshoe shape to thread through its chain. Since this hammer comes in two sizes we are able to provide the same texture over a variety of pieces, both large and small. Once the texture is created the surface of the piece can reflect the light at multiple points, causing the piece to glitter and shine.   

It is safe to say that we love to play around with our material and see what texture holds best in a piece we are designing. It can be tough work, hand hammering all of these pieces with precision and care, but we understand that doing things by hand leaves us with a fantastic product that we are proud of and that our customers will appreciate.


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