A Little Tip: Anti-Tarnish Tabs


All metal except pure gold and platinum eventually tarnishes, however, there are a few ways to slow that unsightly discoloration. One way to delay the buildup is to store your jewelry in plastic bags, as we have discussed in the past, this limits your piece’s exposure to the harmful moisture in the air. Another way to protect your jewelry is to place anti-tarnish tabs or strips with your pieces.

   These conveniently small tabs absorb the moisture and harmful sulfurs in the air. Simply place a tab inside an enclosed space to protect your silver, plated, or filled pieces. Tabs can last months to years, the type we use (Intercept Anti-Tarnish Tabs) lasts up to 12 months and even change color when it is time to replace them. These tabs don’t need to be touching your jewelry to be effective and they do not cause any harm to your jewelry or leave residue if they do. They are non-toxic and completely safe.

   These little tabs are amazing and can really save you from constantly cleaning your pieces when you want to wear them. You can easily order your own pack from Amazon, pop them in your jewelry bags or box and let them do their magic!


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