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Know The Material: Gold-Filled

Dana Reed

Posted on October 02 2017


Gold-Filled Wire


Here at Dana Reed, we use a variety of materials to create our pieces. Much of our jewelry is made of gold-filled: our wire, various chains, and sheet. The gold-filled material has a layer of karat gold, the amount of which meets federal regulations, surrounding a brass core. This layer is mechanically bonded with heat and pressure to consist of at minimum 5% of the materials total weight.

Using Gold-Filled allows us to make a more economical product and keep our costs down for the buyer. The best part is that even with daily wear our pieces remain shiny, lasting years, with the correct care.

We take exceptional care of this material when working to prevent damage while achieving the illustrious shine, using a non-abrasive polishing technique. We recommend that you polish your pieces very lightly as the layer could potentially get damaged.

The above photograph shows how the layer of 14K separated from its core during our soldering process. We pulled as much of the unbonded gold from the brass as we could to show our customers what this material is made of.

**We check all pieces to make sure there is no damage before they leave the studio. 

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