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Abstracta, a display and furniture structure company, supplies our jewelry displays and assists in creating our seamless look complete with our signature pop of orange. It was very exciting to be featured in their blog as an example of organizing their systems in a way that does not take away from our classic designs, but simultaneously capturing a costumer's attention. 

"First, let’s talk color. A successful color scheme will attract customers attention, and draw them to a display. Utilizing either contrasting colors, or monochromatic colors, can create eye catching displays. Color can help to tell a brand story, and create a sense of excitement, or serenity and calm, depending on the feel that the retailer is hoping to instill in their shoppers. Warm colors, like oranges and browns are inviting and reassuring, while cooler colors like green and blue have a calming effect. Bright colors, like red and yellow, grab customers attention (as yellow it he first color perceived by the retina, and red is associated with stopping). Colors can also contribute to brand recognition and finding a way to work your logo colors in retail displays can add to that recognition.

Keep in mind, however, that you want the merchandise to stand out from its surroundings, so there can be such a thing as too much color, and too many designs. This will often lead to the customer being distracted from the products you are trying to sell.

Creating a focal point, is also key. What element or product do you want to stand out from the rest? Allow this product to become the “hotspot” and add visual elements around the product itself, that will support it, and not take away from its appearance. It is important to remember to always take a step back and examine the display from where your customers will be standing."

Read the full story at Abstracta's blog page for more fun creative ideas Here




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