Flower Room Diffuser - Client FAVORITE!

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This is hands down our clients' favorite item to gift (other than our jewelry, of course)! And, with the essential oil, it's under $50!

Mindfully crafted oil diffuser. This essential oil room diffuser is made of wood and porcelain. Flower design in black or white. Just add 3 or 4 drops of essential oils onto the flower and put it in your room. Let it refresh the space and feel the scent. You can refresh again and again after scent gone without changing the color of the flowers.

This scenting porcelain flower does not require power source and can be placed anywhere at home, even in a car! Low maintenance Flame-Free Scent Intensity: Gentle Scent Longevity: Place 3 to 4 drops of essential oils on the porcelain flower. Enjoy the luxurious scent and therapeutic effects of the essential oils!

Material: the base is made of Acacia wood, the flower is made of fine porcelain.

It makes an ideal Holiday gift for anyone this holiday season.

Diameter 7 cm, height 6 cm.

Essential Oils:
MYSTERY BOISE: is a fresh woody and refined blend of fern ally with subtle spices nutmeg and cloves in woody cedar and disturbing.

BOLD ACCORD: A fruity scent that takes you on a tender and sweet olfactory journey. The sweetness of almond.

MANDARIN: Escape on a fresh agreement delicately fruity floral citrus blossom where the serenity of green tea and yerba mate.

NATURE OF LINEN: Find fresh and crisp notes of carrot on an iris powdery substance, wood and musk.

LAVENDER: Get carried away by soothing notes of lavender background exotic amber and benzoin.