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At Dana Reed Designs all of the necklaces are handmade by our staff. We use only sterling silver, 14K solid gold, and 14K goldfilled for our designs. Our handmade necklaces are designed and priced for everyday wear.


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Double Satin Shiny Bars Necklace N1731
From $95.00 - $200.00
Large Reticulated w/Hole Inside Mobius (N1625)
Y Spike Necklace (N1476)
XL Chevron Necklace (N1535)
Small Leaf Necklace (N1553)
Double Lined Circles with 14K Pegs Necklace (N1559)
Baby Chevron Necklace (N1563)
Triple Bi-Metal Pod Necklace (N1780)
Long Satin Shiny Eclipse N1737

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