The Pegged collection consists of sterling silver pices which are lined or textured to create deep crevices within the metal, after which the pendent or earring is oxidized black and sanded to create contrast between the dark lines and shinning silver then connected with either 14K gold or sterling silver pegs.
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Large Hanging Stick Earrings (E1354)
Lined Oval Necklace (N1264/N1265)
From $98.00 - $104.00
Double Pegged Circle Earrings (E1459)
From $75.00 - $110.00
Small Pegged Rectangle Necklace (N1554)
From $74.00 - $88.00
Front Facing Lined Hoop Earrings with 14K pegs
From $100.00 - $200.00
Small Pegged Rectangle Lariat Necklace (N1557)
From $74.00 - $94.00
Organic Oval with 14K Pegs Necklace (N1290)
Double Lined Circles with 14K Pegs Necklace (N1559)
Short Pegged Necklace (N1507)
From $100.00 - $150.00
Long Pegged Necklace N1508
From $148.00 - $198.00

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